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Terms and conditions and a policy for maeak

Terms and conditions and privacy policy – related to the (maeak) electronic reputation management platform

Includes website and all related applications (current and may arise in the future)


This application is an electronic agreement with the legal status of the platform (maeak) and its users, so the terms and conditions apply to all users without any exceptions.
The application provides users with electronic reputation management services in all its forms according to the explanations described in the platform.
If you choose not to register for our services, you can access certain services as a “visitor.”

Terms of accession:

The “minimum age of the platform user” is 18 years to ensure that adults are treated.
When you become a user of the platform (with you), you agree to:
Provide all the information requested by the platform 100% correctly and any misinformation you will provide on this platform and result in any material or moral damage you bear the consequences alone. This will automatically stop your entire account.
Keep your personal information about accessto the platform and not share it with anyone else.
The user agrees to receive any type of message from the site or related applications or via the contact information that has been made available within the account.
The user is committed to maintaining the validity, accuracy and updating of their information, and failure to do so may automatically stop the account.
The Platform (With You) has the right to temporarily suspend the user’s account if any illegal acts are suspected.
The user must keep all the information, documents and media that he or she has provided to platform administrators in a state of constant updating to ensure a high quality and credibility service.
The user is responsible for the accuracy of the content that he has provided to platform administrators.
The user is obliged not to provide data that does not belong to him personally while dealing with the platform, and is obliged not to publish or defame data of other persons or entities through the platform except within the limits of the service request.
The user is obliged not to use their account by anyone else for any reason.
Any act of fraudulent, abusive, improper or unauthorized use or violation of this Agreement will result in the account being suspended, terminated or cancelled and prevented the user from accessing the platform.
The user is obliged not to send any abusive messages to the platform or to any other party.
The platform has the right to temporarily suspend accounts for maintenance and server update purposes.
The User is obligated and agrees to any modification or change in the terms, conditions and policies of the platform, and the Platform (with you) does not comply with the user’s notice unless the change or modification that may occur to the terms, conditions and policies is substantial, such as modifying or cancelling certain services or modifying their prices.
If the user refuses any modifications or changes to the terms, conditions and policies, the user has the right to close his account. If the user continues to benefit from our services after notice of the material changes, the user will be approved for updates.
In the event of a dispute between the platform (with you) and one of the users, the dispute is adjudicated by the courts of Saudi Arabia.
You acknowledge and agree that the liability of the Platform (with you) for damages arising in relation to this Agreement and any use of the platform is limited to the total amount of funds paid through the Platform no later than three months from the date of payment. Failure to claim damages beyond the stated period is considered to be an agreement for the resulting damage and the user is not entitled to be held accountable or claimed compensation.
You acknowledge and agree to the use of credit cards or other means of payment that you are entitled to use in full, and that all payment information you have provided and will provide in the future, to or through the platform, is accurate, up-to-date and will remain accurate, up-to-date and correct.


The fact that the platform contains links to other sites or services does not mean that the platform is associated with it, nor is it an endorsement of other site policies, nor is the platform’s authority over the services of other sites or its privacy policies or terms of use.

Privacy Policy:

The privacy of users of the platform (with you) is a priority and of the utmost importance to us, as the purpose of the application is to manage and maintain the electronic reputation while fully preserving the data of users, and the platform (maeak) is aware of the sensitivity of it well, so the most important consideration sought by the platform is to protect all user data provided through the platform.

Legal responsibility:

The user shall be liable legally if he violates the regulations in force in Saudi Arabia or violates the provisions of this agreement, including clauses, paragraphs and texts.
The user is liable to liability if he or she presents any forged or illegal documents or documents that are prohibited from being used, traded or published for any reason.
The user shall be liable to the legal responsibility in the event that any content that violates the provisions of this Agreement or in violation of the regulations in force in Saudi Arabia.
The user is obliged to compensate the platform for any legal claims filed by third parties against the platform as a result of his misuse of the platform or the provision of incorrect or illegal services.
The Platform is not obliged to pay any damages to the user in the event of any damage as a result of the use of the platform or the implementation of our terms and conditions or the provision or receipt of services by an irregular manner.
In any case, the platform is exempt from any legal liability arising from the actions of third parties, whether it is a user of the platform, a beneficiary of its services or otherwise.


If any intellectual property violation committed by any user is established, the user alone is personally liable to the appropriate authorities.
The Platform (maeak) is not responsible for any dispute between users and any third party.

Final provisions:

This agreement is interpreted in accordance with Saudi Arabia’s regulations only.
The user acknowledges and agrees that in the event of any dispute resulting from this agreement, God forbid, the courts of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, will be referred only to the courts of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for adjudication.
The implications of the terms of this agreement remain in effect even after the end of the subscription or agreement.